Schoenberg is Hollywood is published by Boosey & Hawkes.
Additional information about performances can be obtained by contacting Boosey & Hawkes New York or Boosey & Hawkes Berlin.


Arnold Schoenberg (baritone)
Girl (soprano)
Boy (tenor)
1 flute (doubles piccolo)
2 clarinets in Bb (one doubles bass clarinet)
1 horn in F
1 trumpet in Bb
1 trombone (doubles on bass trombone)
1 tuba
1 percussion (plays multiple instruments)
1 piano (doubles on keyboard 1)
2 keyboards (keyboard 2 controls electronics textures/soundscapes)
2 violins
1 viola
1 cello
1 double bass
Electronics and amplification

Technical Orchestration

Keyboard 1: Synthesizer
Pianist doubles as keyboard 1 player.

Keyboard 2: Audio Triggers
The second keyboard part notated in the score triggers long and short audio fragments and interludes.

Recommended keyboard models: Yamaha m08, Yamaha s90.


Schoenberg in Hollywood is orchestrated for a small chamber orchestra of 15 players, including pianist/keyboard 1 and keyboard 2. Each instrument is amplified naturally and spatialized according to its location in the pit. The mix follows the energy of the story, with certain moments being extremely loud, but overall the amplification is very light.


All three singers are amplified and reinforced from their stage location. Microphones are hidden in the wigs, according to standard Broadway practice. Amplification is natural and preserves the acoustic feeling of the source.

Conductor is given a mix of all audio sources.

Audio System Design

The world premiere production in Boston used a d&b Soundscape 360 surround sound system with approximately 40 V, Y, Q, J series speakers. Note that audio system design is highly dependent on the venue. The number of speakers would grow or shrink based on the number of seats. It is necessary to have rigging for at least 5 vertical hangs of speakers across the front of the stage.

Overview of audio system used in the world premiere:

Digico SD10 Mixing Desk w/Dante IO and 56ch SD Rack.
8 channels Sennheiser 5212 Wireless.
Microphones to amplify the orchestra.

Projection System Design

The following system was used in the world premiere:

FOH projector: Barco UDX-4K32 31,000 lumens with TLD+ 1.5-2.0 lens.
Upstage/rear projector: Barco UDX-4K32 with Barco TLD+ 0.43 lens.
Supertitle screen.
Conductor monitors: 2-4 cameras for singers.